May 14 – Sumo swan lake – 134/365


Before going to an actual sumo competition I never realized how gratious and artistic and… swanlike this weird sort of martial art is.  I think that as a full reward for that unhuman transformation sumo fighters should be granted an exclusive right to date the Bolshoi’s ballerinas. I am sure that that day will come, but so far they have to put up with quiet white-faced geishas that come to see them stretching out in air their elefant legs, slapping each other on face, flying over each other’s hip and heavily hitting the ground . And they do all that obidiently and without complains - all just to please their silent madonnas.






May 13 - Mr. Smith-san (Matrix revisited) - 133/365


May 11 – Maid Café culture – Akihabara – 131/365


Being sick for a couple of days I took trouble to teach myself hiragana and katakana – both Japanese alphabets. I must admit I feel bloody damn proud of myself. Firstly because I didn’t give up to the sickness and watched TV all through, secondly because learning the alphabets (about 90 letters altogether) took me only two days and now I can walk around and actually read aloud all funky word I do not understand anyway (if it’s not kanji that is).  I am a bit afraid I’m falling in love with this language…

May 12 – Fugu – 132/365


- There  there behind the bubbles on the bottom, look! 

These fishes are the last utmost delicacy to your satieted tongue and daring thrill to your heart. They are swimming slowly sending slow waves along their long soft bodies without even moving anywhere, because their only journey now is in time to the point when a sharp skillful knife will quickly and without hesitation cut their stomacks in the only correct samurai manner to free what can be freed from their temporary soul cages. Meanwhile, they keep swimming looking so touchingly weird with their flaming eyes, thick sensitive lips and poisonous livers.


May 10 – Her frolicsome hand – 130/365


May 9 – Shinjuku fever – 129/365


May 8 – Asakusa faces – 128/365


And here I am back in Tokyo. The only thing that surprizes is how casual and even dull it all looks today.  I easily identify myself as a part of this  dreamlike scenary without even bothering or realizing how long time I haven’t been here.  Faces, faces… Taking portrets here in Japan is a pure and uncompromized euthoria. When you taste your first tuna bit and inevitably dig what crap you’ve been eating since the last pilgrimage here, you feel kind of sorry for yourself – more than for all the others, as now you know exactly how tuna should taste and you will have to carry this knowledge with you back home. Fortunately, each small Asahi sip effectively dissolves this spooky cloud of past-to-future concerns and you flow on with a funny conversation about traditional Japanese pickles and “rare sushi items” with a cool Japanese couple in a small sushi bar right across the street from your temporary nest for the coming two weeks.  They are truly cool. They laugh and teach you "magic" tricks with rubber bends twisting them around their fingers and unexpectedly releasing them and so on, they teach you some basic (well, complicated enough for me) Japanese phrases and scream with true joy when they hear you say it out loud to tthe chef, an old man in his 70s with a face full of "smily" wrinkles. He laughs too and everybody is just simply happy. Jsut happy. Such a nice magic trick.


May 7 – Paparazzi blood – 127/365


An extreme anti-royalist as I am I still couldn’t let be taking a peek at our newly wed crown princess when she was taking off my plane in Copenhagen. I think “piratpartiet” (the Swedish file sharing gang) should join up with politically incorrect and perfectly free of any conventional morals paparizzies to fight big fat showbiz lawers  (too bad the paparazzies are fucking arrogant individualists only concerned about cash and young flesh).

To Japan
Well, there we go some windy May pictures, not much of artistic ambition, but still something that gives my memory a point of  gravity.
Tomorrow I won't be here...

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Rest of April
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