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May 17 – Yakuza dreamers – 137/137


I had a couple of beers with real Asakusa style yakuza. I only realized that they were actual yakuza  (which they never confirmed though) when the younger guys dropped in and the older man started introducing them to me as his “family”. They were kind of a cheerful flock, a bit brutal in their humor, but with some distinct dignity about being able to decide about their own lives (another illusion, well). And I think I had sort of a flash back from one of the Takeshi Kitano movies as they looked almost exactly as his actors. When the older man learned that I lived in Sweden, he started laughting and saying something about “free love” (”free” for him actually meant “no cash”). What a dreamer…

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You look so...authentic!

yeah sure, it almost felt like I belonged in this charming underworld )))

Полностью солидарен с автором комментария.

хорошая фотка-) пацаны засветились-)

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